Seabreeze Ceramic Urn



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The Seabreeze Ceramic Urn features a lovely turquoise glaze and natural style. This ceramic urn is hand-thrown and individually glazed by an master potter in the United States. Families appreciate the expert artistry and caring touch of this beautiful memorial piece.

Given its artistic qualities, the Seabreeze Ceramic Urn often is placed on display at a memorial service and at home. The glaze on this ceramic urn is categorized as turquoise with aqua and brown undertones. The exterior of the urn is intentionally shaped with ridges so that the glaze catches in those areas. Overall the Seabreeze Ceramic Urn has the sturdiness and long-lasting qualities that ceramic stoneware is known for.

The Seabreeze Ceramic Urn is an adult size cremation urn with a capacity of 170 cubic inches. The lid of the urn is fitted but not threaded. It can be sealed using an adhesive like E9000.

Given that ceramic urns are made by hand, they can vary in size and shape as much as 2-3 inches from the dimensions stated. While the same glazes are used, the color results are unique to each urn and will vary from the image shown here. Made in the USA.